Commissioned illustration for Asian Arts Initiative’s 25th Anniversary in 2018, published as cover of Asian American Literary Review (top) and screen printed onto various Asian Arts Initiative merchandise (bottom). Click on images to enlarge.

The concept is vines growing on a building. The vines are taking over and intersecting with each other, which relates to the mission of racial and social equity at AAI. AAI is also on Vine Street, and saving Vine Street was the catalyst for protesting and preserving Chinatown Philly. These "vines" take different forms -- first as hands protesting in 1992 after the Rodney King verdict. The hands then take the form of actual vines and string lights that are pearl shaped. The string lights symbolize Pearl Street. From the actual vines, there are flowers in the style of the painted couch with plants in the front of AAI and the Pearl Street murals. The vines then swerve off to the left to turn into noodles in a bowl which is a little reference to Chinatown, then go up and turn into the spokes of the wheels for the art cart. The vines then turn into roads going through the city, where the buildings have more patterns and flowers. Finally, the roads turn into hands again protesting and the buildings turn into protest signs with slogans of things we are now currently fighting for.