Soumya Dhulekar is a comedian and illustrator. She makes comics and animations, and does stand-up. Her comics have been featured on Catapult and in various comic anthologies, and she produces comedy shows with American Express, an all-POC improv and sketch team in Philadelphia. 

Soumya is also a member of Bigmouth Press & Comix, a collective of women/trans/non-binary comic creators and illustrators from AMEMSA (African, Middle East, Muslim, Southeast Asian) countries and their diasporas. 

Email: / Instagram: soumya.dhulekar / Twitter: SoumyaDhulekar


Selected Print

"A Portrait of My Three Grandparents (Who Passed Away)." Divide and Conquer, McFarland Publishing, Coming Soon in 2018! 

"The Myth of the American Dream." The Sun and the Wayward Wind: North American Myths and Legends Anthology, Dandelion Wine Collective, February 2018. 

"Dealing With Vaginismus." Dirty Diamonds #8: Sex, An all-girl comic anthology, Dirty Diamonds, September 2017.

"The Board of Trustees." Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination. An all-girl comic anthology, Dirty Diamonds, September 2016. 



My Hindu American Childhood, Catapult, June 2017.

American Express Breaks Boundaries in the Improv World, The Phoenix, December 2016. 



BFA in Art History, Maryland Institute College of Art.